WordCamp Tokyo 2019: tsunageru

Fourth WordCamp in the books, woohoo! If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that so far my WordCamp attendance has all been in Japan.

This year’s theme went off of the Japanese word “つなげる” (tsunageru). The quick translation of the word would be to “connect”, “tie”, or “fasten”.

It’s interesting to see how many of the themes involve words surrounding “connection to something”, or the “bringing together” of people and things.

And in many ways it does make sense. WordCamps bring people together, where we can meet and connect. It’s a positive place to share ideas, learn, and network with others, all under the common interest of WordPress.

It’s what we call community.

Like last year, I attended this year’s WordCamp as staff for Automattic’s WooCommerce & Jetpack booth(s) once again. So unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend any of the sessions. However, I had a great time staffing with my colleagues and meeting folks who visited the booth nonetheless!

You’ll notice in this post my lack of photos, and quite admittedly, things to say and write about. But, for good reason!

In recent day, I’ve taken a liking to sharing my moments through video format. In fact, it’s not a new hobby, I’ve been at it for a while — video content editing & creating that is. It’s only recently that I started putting more focus on it and honing my skill.

At any rate, here’s a small clip of some moments we had at the WooCommerce & Jetpack booth at this year’s WordCamp Tokyo, enjoy!

NOTE: For a more “behind the scenes vlog-ish” look at my weekend in Shinjuku, check out my full video in this post 🙂

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